AYY wappu 2021

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Wappu 2019. Photo: Atte Mäkinen.

Wappu 2021 is not cancelled

The most joyful and wildest time of the year is here! Even though we cannot physically celebrate Wappu together in the traditional sense, Wappu is still unique and traditional time in the Aalto community. Let’s celebrate the student community, the upcoming summer and the celebration of joy! Let’s gather together in remote events, wear our overalls at home and outside, and let’s put our student caps on in Wappu Eve. Read about the Wappu events on this website!

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Events will be updated here. Stay tuned!  We will update information in English as soon as translated!

Please fill out this form to publish your Wappu event. We also offer support for the planning of Wappu. If you have any questions or otherwise need support, please send a message to wappu@ayy.fi.

31.3.-10.5. #WappuApu fundraiser

WappuApu fundraiser organised by Aalto University Student Union’s Fuksi Committee is launched in Otaniemi on 31 Mar. WappuApu supports the battle of HelsinkiMissio against the loneliness of young people. You can participate in the WappuApu fundraiser: wappu.fi/apu. The fundraiser is open until 10 May 2021.

19.-30.4. Radiodiodi’s broadcast season

Radiodiodi is here again! Tune in to frequency 107.4 MHz or head to online radio at radiodiodi.fi and enjoy the raising of the Wappu spirit. There is a wide range of programmes, take a look the schedule at radiodiodi.fi. There may be some available slots to host – so if you are interested in hosting a radio show, check out the available slots and sign up via the website!

22.–30.4. Wappu Studio

Wappu Studio is a streamed studio broadcast organised by Aalto University Student Union, OUBS, Jäynä and Äpy 22.–30.4. A pop-up studio will be set up in Dipol’s Kaleva Hall, where AYY’s volunteers and associations operating in the Aalto community will hold remote events and programs, which will be streamed to all Wappu people. Check out the program below.
Watch the stream: https://stream.wappu.fi/

Thursday 24 Apr

15.00 Jäynä x Äpy PreGame

16.30 Jäynä Finale

The climax of the Jäynä competition is approaching as the crown jewel of remote events, The Jäynä Final will bring true Wappu spirit to all of us on 22.4. at 16:30! It’s going to be a spectacular show where the best pranks of this Jäynä season will be awarded! You really don’t want to miss this!

18.00 Ursus Factory

19.00 Äpy Gala

Tighten your seatbelts and get ready to watch the most fabulous Wappu publication biennal in Otaniemi! Äpy will be published in the voluptous Äpy Gala on Thursday, 22 Apr at 7pm!

Friday 23 Apr

15.00 LTMK’s sports broadcast

Breaking news! Vappu is coming and it is time for the qualifiers! Urheiluruutu gives you the highlights of the latest sports news live from Otaniemi and challenges all of you to join!

17.00 Our Chair is better than your Chair

18.15 Who Wants to Be a Visionary? Friday night quiz by Aaltoes

In this quiz, you can test your knowledge or intuition by answering questions about straight facts and wild stories. Will you be the next visionary?

19.00 Audiopoli’s Annipaja

Crafting of speakers while enjoying refreshments.

Saturday 24 Apr

17.15 Grab a Mic!

Have you waited for too long to prove your musical knowledge and quick reflexes? Don’t worry! Grab a mic contest is here! You can participate in the contest by watching the stream on 24 Apr from 6pm onwards or by shooting a video of yourself singing and sending it to the organisers! More information on participation can be found in the Facebook event!

20.00 Metal Club Mökä presents: Azgaroth live at Dipoli

21.00 Aalto Gamers: Champions’ Wappu Spirit Tier List“] Aalto Gamers list League of Legends characters according to their Wappu spirit – including all 155 characters. Come and see how the jury drives itself crazy by going through the list at the pace of 30s/champion.  [Finglish Warning –  Kielipoliisi discretion is adviced.]

Sunday 25 Apr

15.00 LTMK’s sports broadcast

Breaking news! Vappu is coming and it is time for the qualifiers! Urheiluruutu gives you the highlights of the latest sports news live from Otaniemi and challenges all of you to join!

18.00 ELO short films

21.15 Museum quiz start

Monday 26 Apr

18.00 IE’s Wappu Show

The days are getting warmer, sun is shining and the nature is waking up. Everybody is enjoying outdoors and Wappu is approaching! HOLD ON!! WAPPU IS HERE IN NO TIME!! Is your seatbelt fastened? IE has arrived to entertain the Aalto community with our spectacular Wappushow. The show consists of a multitude of video productions, tips for a better Wappu and loads of humor.

21.30 Museum quiz

Tuesday 27 Apr

15.00 LTMK Urheiluruutu

Breaking news! Vappu is coming and it is time for the qualifiers! Urheiluruutu gives you the highlights of the latest sports news live from Otaniemi and challenges all of you to join!

15.45 Wappu menu cooking

18.00 Sitsi Competition

The traditional Sitsi Competition is held on 27th of April at 6:00pm. Gather a group of (maximum) six and create your own sitsit at home. The event is part of the AYY’s and OUBS’s Wappustudio and lukkaristo is hosting the evening at the studio. Every participating team gets to present their sitsit via remote connection!

21.30 Museum Quiz

Wednesday 28 Apr

15.00 Wappuflush

17.00 AS vs Inkubio Competition

17.30 The Star of Otaniemi

The most exciting adventure of the spring is coming! Make your way through dangerous jungles and scorching deserts and stay alert in the face of challenges. Find the most valuable diamond of them all – The Star of Otaniemi! Take with you the mindset of a treasure hunter along with an adventurous spirit and head to Otaniemi the week before wappu on 19.-25.4! The event consists of various checkpoints in Otaniemi as well as small extra tasks. More information: https://fb.me/e/10dVv14by

18.30 Who wants to be a Wappunaire?

In the quiz show organized by the AYY’s Community Section Aava, a group of brave Otaniemi residents sit on the hot seat to answer questions related to Aalto, Otaniemi and student life in general. Will a friend be called, does the audience know, will 50/50 help and who will take home the all-time best Wappubasket? Head to the stream and get ready to watch Wappu’s most exciting entertainment spectacle, where all of this gets an answer!

20.15 Funny Ota videos

Funny home videos are now coming in Otaniemi style, so get ready to laugh yourself to Wappu condition!

21.30 Museum Quiz

Thursday 29.4.

15.00 LTMK’s sports broadcast

Breaking news! Vappu is coming and it is time for the qualifiers! Urheiluruutu gives you the highlights of the latest sports news live from Otaniemi and challenges all of you to join!

16.00 Fuksi Spexes

19.30 Pelmu’s Wappu Festival

21.30 Museum Quiz

Friday 30 Apr

13.15 Aalto Wirtual Wappu 2021

13.30 Declaration of Wappu Rowdiness

No need to take it easy anymore, as the great festivities of May Day Eve are here! The festivities will start with the last year’s familiar concept by your screens when the broadcast starts at 1.30pm with musical performances and speeches. The broadcast lasts for a couple of hours. So, gather all necessary refreshments at your screen, contact your friends and take a comfortable seat, this is where the Wappu Eve starts! A more detailed schedule will be published later here and at the Facebook event, so stay tuned!

15.30 KY Wappu

The times are exceptional but Wappu is here and Manta is getting her cap! Wondering what to do on Wappu Eve before its time to put on your student’s cap? Right before the zero hour, we are hosting a laid-back studio programme for our members and everyone curious about KY’s Wappu traditions! More information on Facebook.

17.45 Havis Amanda 2021

After a ruff spring, the sun has finally started to show and its time for all students to put on the overalls, open the bottle of sparkling wine and give Havis Amanda her student cap. Normally we would soon be gathering around Kauppatori and celebrate Vappu together, we will celebrate together, but this year it will happen virtually. Because we cannot let Havis Amanda go without her cap.

21.00 Dipoli Wappu

The party committee is yet again organizing the best Wappu party of the year as Dipolin Wappu ‘21 will be streamed directly to your home! It is going to be the greatest show during the Wappu eve with amazing performances by different Otaniemi artists and more or less entertaining sketchs by JTMK

24.4.–2.5. KY: Wappupassi’21

Do you have trouble with finding a way to celebrate Wappu this year? Don’t worry! KY’s Cultural Committee KUVA’s Wappupassi will make sure that your Wappu-spirit can be found by completing fun tasks. Wappupassi gives ideas on how to celebrate Wappu and make this one to remember! More information on Facebook. Wappupassi submission form.

26.–28.4. klo 12–18 Aaltoes Vappu Van

During the Vappu week we are going to drive around the Helsinki area serving doughnuts and sima to cheer up you students! There are going to be plenty of treats, so stay tuned in our social media channels @aaltoes and www.aaltoes.com for our schedule and come grab some from the Aaltoes Vappu Van when we are driving around your neighborhood!

28.4. klo 18-21 KvTMK20: Night Shift

You have done well, but there is still one step to take before receiving the honorary title of a true Teekkari. Spend the evening completing tasks while also getting to know each other’s strengths – Let out your true teekkarispirit and get the Wappu hype up this evening. Only access to Zoom required. The event is mainly for Master fuksis and exchange students. Event language is English.

29.4. klo 17-18 Women of Aalto: Trying all Wappu cocktails

Always wondered what to drink during Wappu? Ever questioned the power of sparkling wine? Wanna find and try out some new Wappu cocktails and mocktails? Come join our Instagram live on Thu 29.04 at 17:00 and discover new, inspiring and (hopefully) delicious Wappu cocktails!

29.4. klo 19 TOKYO Planting workshop

Join the TOKYO Planting workshop, where we will be planting fresh herbs to grow for summer. TOKYO will provide you with the essential supplies before the event, and we will go through the whole process together live on Zoom. Sign up with the form below to get the supplies package (packages are limited, so hurry!) or join with your own. Sign up for the Planting workshop before Wednesday, 17.00. Event language is English.

29.4. klo 19-23 Tour de Walpuri

Teekkari Section’s Teekkari Culture Committee proudly presents: Tour de Walpuri Monopoly Edition! Gather up a group of 4-10 people and do not pass go but go directly to Discord after the Fuksispexes. During the tour the groups compete for the most awesome and enthusiastic performance, and the winner has great prizes in store for them! Participation in English is possible, but some parts of the event are held only in Finnish.

30.4. klo 18–24 The Guild of the Cross: Wappu Without Booze 2021

Wappu Without Booze 2021 is coming, are you ready? Wappu Without Booze is a traditional family-friendly wappu event organised by the Guild of the Cross. This year’s event will be held via a stream on Wappu Eve on 30 Apr starting at 6pm. There will be quizzes, games and other fun things to do. Wappu bag will be delivered before the stream to those who register in advance. The bag includes all Wappu equipment you need to raise the party spirit. More information and registration at  ristinkilta.fi/2021/ww. Welcome!

30.4. klo 19 TOKYO Trivia Night

Join us on our TOKYO ry YouTube channel for the TOKYO Trivia Night. Sign up as a team or individual with the form below, join the stream on Friday to listen for questions/answers and answer using the Kahoot! link provided during the event. Sign up for the Trivia Night.

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