AYY wappu 2020

AYY lakittaa Mantan 2019. Kuva: Atte Mäkinen.

Wappu 2020 is not cancelled. Wappu is coming.

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Stream program can be found here.

The Aalto community celebrates Wappu in its traditional time by carrying out the Wappu traditions digitally. Wappu events will be collected on this page. Please fill out this form to publish your Wappu event. We also offer support for the planning of Wappu. If you have any questions or otherwise need support, please send a message to wappu@ayy.fi.

Wappu is a unique celebration and its uniqueness is based on its timing and the Wappu traditions of the Aalto community. Other seasons have other celebrations, the spring is the time for Wappu.

AYY encourages all Aalto members to develop safe and digital ways to carry out a memorable remote Wappu. This year, Wappu will be different than ever before, but even more memorable, and that is something we can all celebrate together!

Stay tuned!  We will update information in English as soon as translated!

Good to know

Update your Wappu events and mood to All to X!

All to X is a community app developed in honor of the AYY10 anniversary year, where you can find all Aalto members and remote events in one place! In All to X, you can collect scores, and the best users and associations will be rewarded! The contest is open until the AYY10 anniversary celebration on 12 Sept. In addition, every post, like, update of Aalto mood and participation in a remote event increases the amount that our sponsors will donate to Eväitä Elämälle programme of Save the Children. Join us at https://alltox.ayy.fi! Instructions for adding events can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/alltox-calendar

OUBS Wappu studio offers streams for everyone

Otaniemi video association OUBS creates Wappu atmosphere with live streams by setting up a two-week Wappu studio on 20 Apr-1 May!

Follow stream: http://www.oubs.fi

Listen or participate in the making of Radiodiodi’s spring radio!

Radiodiodi’s spring radio can be listened to at https://radiodiodi.fi on 27-30 Apr. So remember to turn on the online radio to entertain your workday or remote workday wherever you are! You can sign up to make programmes on 13 Apr-19 Apr at https://radiodiodi.fi/ilmo.

Send your Wappu atmosphere to Aalto Archives!

Aalto members – please tell the Aalto University Archives with pictures, words and videos about your studies, work, research, meeting practices and other academic life during a state of emergency.

Aalto University Archives document and collect the experiences of the remote life of Aalto members during the coronavirus pandemic and the national state of emergency in the spring of 2020. At the same time, we collect material from the corona-themed campaigns already underway at Aalto University. The material can be submitted by any member of the academic community. The selected material is permanently archived in the database of the Aalto University Archives.

Send your own story to arkisto@aalto.fi. Please also include your name, e-mail address, your role in the university, and a brief description/caption on the topic. Further information: www.aalto.fi/fi/arkisto


Events will be updated below.

Aavas quarantine fun
In spite of the exceptional situation, community section Aava aims to do its best at sustaining Aalto spirit, this time in a form of various different challenges! We will publish a new challenge on Facebook and on Telegram(https://t.me/karanteenikivaa) every Monday and Friday. In addition to cheering up the weekdays and filling the empty calendar, there are epic overall badges for people who complete challenges!😎 Let’s take care of each other💜 FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1087194238298837/

AYY’s artistic activity section TaiTo will publish: Online art club “Creapril”. As we wish that creative mind with fun will help us go through these tough times. We will run Creapril from 1st to 30th April 2020. Here are the instructions:
1) Make art by any means you want based on the words we have for each day; your art can be anything shareable on Instagram: a drawing, a sculpture, a piece of music, performance, cooking, home decoration, and etc.
2) Post your art somewhere, e.g. to Instagram or our Telegram group ( https://t.me/creapril2020 ). DM to our messenger also works.
3) Hashtag it with #creapril2020
4) We will repost to share your works on Instagram and Facebook.
You can participate in Creapril daily or once a week, however you like. We welcome your entries! 📭

Fäijöni from balcony 17.4. 18:00-23:00


Now it is time to get your overalls, paper streamers, meads and Wappu Vibes(tm) because Wappu rolls into Otaniemi on 17.4. with megafullblast style! In addition to your Wappu gear you only need a sound source of some kind through which you can play the ultimate Wabbu anthem: JVG – Fäijönii.

So on 17.4. at 18:00 go to you balcony, window or a front door if that is more of your thing, to blast away the Wappu tunes and bring the Wappu vibes to a whole next level! Also, AaltoDJ is keeping up the beats for the whole night via livestream. There is gonna be the most awesome Wappu live spectacle like ever seen before! 🔥🔥 🔥

What: Fäijöni from the balcony and awesome Wappu vibes!
Where: Whole Otaniemi
When: 17.4. starting 18:00
Why: Wappu is a state of mind

PoRa x Otanko Drink yoga 20.4. 18:00-18:45
Otango and PoRa presents: Remote drinkin yoga. This event is hold in Finnish. Take your laptop, non-alcoholic drink with straw and enjoy. Participate: https://aalto.zoom.us/j/63070803400

Jäynäfinal 2020 - Jäynä Untouched 22.4.

Yes, you heard it quite right!

This year, the Jäynä Competition will become even more spectacular and will culminate in the Final on April 22nd at 16 o’clock! We will provide you with an interactive, surprising and fascinating show that you get to experience on your own sofa! 📺 So take a comfy position, appropriate snacks and enjoy the spectacle – we’ll take care of the rest.

The top three teams will be selected for the Final. This year, the winner will be chosen by public vote, so now it is time for all the roommates, friends and home crowds to vote their favorite to win! The prizes are once again amazing and will be soon announced. 🏆

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/224010342004720/

Julkun juhlallinen julkaisu 22.4.

EtäWappusitsit 24.4. and 25.4.

Even though social distancing is keeping us apart, we must not let that disturb our Wappu mood! To get everyone to enjoy the most important holiday of the year, IE has decided to host two remote wappusitzs! Get dressed in your overalls, wake up your inner wappu spirit and get ready to experience the unique wappusitz for the whole Aalto community. Registration for the events begins on 13.4., registration link will be published later. The participation fee includes an unbelievable overall badge!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/235012004312761/

Freshman spexes 29.4.

The Freshman Spexes are back!

In the Freshman Spexes the Walborg Trial-teams present their pre-recorded Spexes for the whole tasseled folk with the help of online broadcasting. This year, you don’t even have to bother dragging yourself to Dipoli, as the amazing and never seen before freshman-made spectacles can be seen from your own screen via a link provided later. Switch from offline to online on Wednesday 29th April at 15.00 to witness the masterpieces of the freshmen.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/3115110985247179/

Tour De Walpuri 29.4.
Teekkariculture committee has decided in their infinite wisdom to organize the traditional checkpoint crawl, Tour de Walpuri. Due to the current circumstances the event cannot take its physical form. Instead it will take place on the virtual world of the internet.

So gather up a team of 4-10 people and head to virtual checkpoints after the Freshman Spexes with a tremendous Wappuvibe!

Your association now has a chance to come and make remote checkpoints in video call form for soon to be teekkaris and older academic people . The final platform will be decided soon. The details concerning the checkpoints will be available later. Register your checkpoint from the link below before the 29th of April.

WHAT: Tour de Walpuri
WHERE: The internet
WHEN: 29th of April at about 8pm
CHECKPOINT ORGANIZERS: Sign up as a checkpoint organiser: http://lomake.ayy.fi/teekkarijaosto/walpurin-kierros-2020
WHY: Because remote Wappu!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/532016401071070/

May Day Madness 30.4.

Once again, it’s time to start the celebration of May Day Eve by declaring the May Day Madness!

Unlike before, this year the declaration will happen fully online. The event starts around 12 pm with Wappu-themed music performances and speeches, which surely won’t leave anyone cold. The traditional highlight of the afternoon, the declaration in itself, will take place at 2 pm.

So gather up your snacks and drinks, set up the video calls with friends and get ready, May Day Madness is coming!

The program and link to the stream will soon be attached to this page, so please remember to stay tuned!

WHAT? Declaration of May Day Madness
WHERE? Wherever you are!
WHEN? Thursday, 30th of April at 12 PM

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/239810507427107/

On this Vappu, the University of the Arts Student Union (ArtSU), responsible for the traditional Crowning of Havis Amanda, will arrange the ceremony entirely in a virtual environment. Conducted in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and VR studio Zoan, the virtual crowning ceremony offers an opportunity to experience the traditional event in a wholly new and unique manner.

The event offers viewers the opportunity to interact and experience much-needed communality in virtual reality. The ceremony starts with an interdisciplinary art performance by the students of University of the Arts Helsinki, featuring a multi-lingual ode to nature, inspired by the climate crisis.

The crowning of Havis Amanda can be experienced interactively at www.burst.fi on May Day Eve, April 30, at 5.45 pm. It is also the start of the larger Vappu programme offered by the City of Helsinki, which can be watched in its entirety on the Helsinki channel.

With the help of the virtual crowning ceremony, we want to remind everyone to celebrate Vappu safely in the current exceptional circumstances. We hope that instead of flocking to the city centre or Ullanlinnanmäki, everybody would watch the ceremony and toast their glasses in their homes!

More information:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/515855342652856/

Wappulive 30.4. klo 22:00

There will be a Wappu despite coronavirus! 🤩🤩 Teekkari Section
will organize a Wappulive stream on 30.4., so that we can still put on our teekkari caps as much together as possible. The program for the night will be announced shortly, so stay tuned! ✨


SaaS - Sillis as a Service 1.5. 10:00-16:00


Wappu is coming in a way we’ve never seen it before! Now YOU have once in a lifetime opportunity to get to enjoy authentic Ullis atmosphere + food at home.

Yes, you read it right! 😍 Wappu committee has it spoons in the soup as we present to you: Sillis as a Service – SaaS! This event made of pure awesomenes includes everything you could hope for: snacks, beverages, program and — of course — sillis people!

In practice, we deliver a package full of wappu to your doorstep on 1.5. (inside Otaniemi only, sorry!), that will take your wappu day to a whole new spheres of existence! Packages are delivered between 10-14. Also, Via livestream you can enjoy wappu themed program, including but not limited to: bingo, livemusic and other traditional sillis activities! FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/240027614026911/

#ayyetäwappu challenges 23.4.-1.5.

Wappu is finally here!  

We challenge you to spend Wappu remotely and that’s why we gathered different daily challenges for you. Share your pics with hashtag #ayyetäwappu in social media or alltox.ayy.fi. Also remember to tag @ayy_fi

23.4. Build your own Wappu shrine!

Does your Wappu shrine include bubbly, mead, overall patches, paper streamer or all of this and more?

24.4. Wappu party!  Participate in remote sitsit or organise your own remote gathering with friends. AYY’s IE committee will organise remote Wappu sitsit on 24 and 25 April.

25.4. It’s Wappu delicacy day!
  It’s Wappu delicacy day!

Enjoy your favourite Wappu delicacies. Do you crave a donut, mead, funnel cake or bubbly?


26.4. Put you cap in the window!
  Take part in Tekniikan Akateemiset’s #showyourcap challenge by putting your student cap in the window.

27.4. Listen to Radiodiodi’s Spring Radio!
  Listen to Radiodiodi’s Spring Radio!

Go to radiodiodi.fi, listen ja enjoy.


28.4. Put on Wappu attire!
  Dress in your overalls, your guild’s, association’s or club’s attire or all of these and enjoy it! 

29.4. Share your best Wappu memory!
  Share your best Wappu memory on social media and on the All to X application (alltox.ayy.fi). Wappu is eternal. 

30.4. Take a Wappu picture of yourself!
  Take in the Wappu feeling and share pictures of your celebration. What do you look like before and after putting on your cap?  

1.5. Share your Wappu day’s silli brunch!
  Enjoy the silli brunch, spring and Wappu! Share pics on social media and alltox.ayy.fi.

More information