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The most fun and festive time of the year

Wappu is celebration, gatherings, joy, traditions and having fun, but above all, Wappu is a state of mind! The range of Wappu events in the Aalto community is exceptional; explore the events on this site maintained by Aalto University Student Union.

Wappu event calendar

The events are updated below as we receive information about them.

You can include your Wappu event in this listing by filling in this form. AYY translates Finnish texts into English and Swedish. We provide our associations and members with support for the planning and preparing of Wappu events. With Wappu issues, you can contact us by sending email to

13 Apr

Fantasy Vappy Party (NuDe + TOKYO)

As the enchanting whispers of spring dance through the air, it’s time to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of warmth and joy! Join us for a whimsical Fantasy Vappu Party, where fairy tales come to life and laughter fills the air.

Join some of the delightful activities:
Beer Pong
Costume Contest

What: Fantasy Vappu Party
DC: Fantasy
When: Saturday, April 13th – 16:00
Where: OK20 Upstairs
Event price: 5€ (8€ non-members) payed at entry

15 Apr

Sitsiappro (Teekkari Section, IE)

Wappu is Christmas, Midsummer, New Year’s Eve and Ice Hockey World Championship for teekkaris. Or is that how the saying goes? During this wappu season Otaniemis IE wants to delight you with Sitsiappro on Monday 15.4.! Join us for the combination of sitsis and appro while touring our beloved Otaniemi. Ticket sales begin on Monday 1.4. at 12.00 on

The ticket price includes servings of sitsit and afterparty at Smökki. Please follow your starting time, since the sitsit begin at those times.

WHAT: Sitsiappro by IE
WHERE: Otaniemi, start and ending at Smökki
WHEN: Monday 15.4.
PRICE: 14€
WHY: sitsit and appro are the best

16 Apr

Students’ Beer Pong Finnish Championship (Aalto Beer Pong)

At OSM, on the 16th of April, students compete for the title of Students’ Finnish Beer Pong Champion 2024! This is the biggest event organized by Aalto Beer Pong, offering a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the Wappu spirit! The tournament is held at Smökki and participation is done in pairs. The participation fee is 10€ / pair. The winners will be awarded spectacular prizes, and friends are also welcome to cheer on their favorite teams! For registration and further information, please visit

18 Apr

The Transformation Game (Tietokilta)

The Transformation Game will be organised in Servin Mökki on April 18th at 18.00.

Bring yourself and 4-6 drinks of your choice, and prepare to be transformed for Wappu. After the transformation your evolution can continue at the afterparty. Entrance fee 5€. Further information on Kide app.

Otaniemi Patch Fair (Merkkimafia)

Otaniemi overall patch fair returns on Thursday April 18th!

Merkkimafia is fulfilling its purpose to spread the joy of overall patches by organizing an overall patch fair in Otaniemi on Thursday, April 18th. So stop by at the Undergraduate center lobby on the Thursday of exam week to make some purchases!

20 Apr

Wappu spin & MTB spin (Bikepoli x TARAKI)

The last year’s hit event Wappu Spin is back! On 20 Apr, we’ll cycle from Hervanta to Otaniemi with TARAK, the Guild for Students of Civil Engineering at Tampere University. Wappu spin also has its sister event MTB Spin located in the metropolitan area! Wappu Spin is fully booked, but there is still room in MTB Spin! More information at and

37th Jäynä Finale (Jäynä Competition)

The Wappu celebrations kick off, and the Jäynä year culminates next Saturday, when the most spectacular and reckless pranks of the year are rewarded in the Jäynä Finale, lifting the Wappu spirits to the roof!

Cocktail party starts at 15.00 in the U lobby at the Undergraduate Centre (Door M), and the Jäynä Finale itself kicks off at 16.00 in the U2 hall. Be there on time to ensure your seat in the finale!

You can watch the finale stream at

Ps. The day won’t end there; you can continue your day at the Ceremonial Release of Julkku and Aalto Open Air

WHAT? 37th Jäynä Finale
WHERE? Otakaari 1, U2 hall and U lobby
WHEN? Saturday, 20 Apr
TIME? Cocktails at 15.00, finale at 16.00

Declaration of Tempaus Command (Tempaus 2024)

Declaration of Tempaus Command and the release of Tempaus 2024 theme on Aalto Open Air stage at Alvarin Aukio Square on 20 Apr at 17.45.

Ceremonial Release of Julkku (Julkku)

Come and watch the long-anticipated Ceremonial Release of Julkku Wappu magazine to the Undergraduate Centre, Hall A, on Saturday 20 Apr at 19.00! VIP cocktail event for Julkku sellers and invited guests (plenty of delicacies, refreshments, and fun entertainment!) starts at 18.00, and the doors to the hall open at 18.45. This will be an incredible show, you don’t want to miss it…

More information on Julkku Instagram and Telegram channel See you there!

Aalto Open Air (Community Section Aava, FestTMK)

Is the Wappu spirit already in the air? Do you want to get a head start on the festival season? In any case, the best solution is to be on Alvarin Aukio Square on 20 April when the open and free event kicks off this spring’s Wappu celebrations!

Aalto Open Air offers a mega good opportunity to get yourself fully into the Wappu spirit with live music and everything else the festival area has to offer. During the day, you can come in and go out of the festival area as you please. So stay tuned, as this year also, the most amazing artists will take the stage. Also, don’t miss out on other festival activities!

Follow the event’s Telegram channel and Facebook page, as well as Aava’s Instagram, as more information about the event and artists will be published soon!

Aalto Open Air Afterparty (Friendship Society of Guilds)

So many events are taking place in Otaniemi on 20 Apr, but the best party by far will be the official afterparty of Aalto Open Air, hosted by Friendship Society of Guilds!! In this incredible party, you will not be thirsty or hungry – we have solutions for both problems!

Come and enjoy great company and music at Servin Mökki on 20 Apr and dance yourself into the wee hours!

Where: Servin Mökki (Jämeräntaival 4)
When: 20 Apr, 22.20 –>
Price: €6
Why: Start the Wappu week with a proper party!

22 Apr

Wappu/Pixel (Paitsio)

One minute – one pixel – one chance!

10,000 white pixels are waiting for colour, and you can make the difference on Wappu photos and atmosphere. 1 minute = 1 pixel: create your own Wappu atmosphere to the canvas via Telegram @pikselibot between 22 Apr – 1 May – one pixel at a time.

Leave your mark on the virtual Wappu atmosphere of Otaniemi and watch how the waiting of Wappu just flies by!

Wappu/Pixel got its inspiration from r/place, where you can add a pixel on a virtual canvas once per minute. You can add pixels via Telegram, free of charge. You can spend minutes and minutes on the artworks on your own or together with others, or just sabotage the art of others one pixel at a time. Your minute, your pixel, your wappu.

24 Apr

Boozy Brunch (BreKY)

Dive into a decadent brunch spread prepared by BreKY while sipping on perfectly paired cocktails made by Aalto Cocktail! Whether you’re a brunch enthusiast or a cocktail aficionado, Boozy Brunch combines the best of both worlds. Gather your friends for a morning filled with delightful flavors, refreshing drinks, and unforgettable memories! 

WHAT: Boozy Brunch (incl. brunch & 2 cocktails)
WHEN: 24.4. 11:00 – 14:00
WHERE: Saha (Konemiehentie 1)
PRICE: 20€
TICKETS: Available! Right here:

Please note that by attending this event, you agree to comply with KY’s Code of Conduct.

Wappuvaihto (Teekkari Section)

When Wappu becomes closer it’s once again time to go to Hervanta on 24.4. to experience what our colleagues in Tampere are doing in the run-up to wappu. The programme includes the Särkän märkä event, a campus tour and of course the afterparty! The cost is a 45 € and includes bus fares in both directions and all the spectacles of Tampere.

The event is sold out.

Wappumile + Senior Wappu Sauna (Community Section Aava, Masters’ Committee)

Aava’s Master’s Committee brings relief to the winter’s aches and pains and elevates the Wappu atmosphere with Wappu Mile and Senior Wappu Sauna on 24 Apr! The Wappu Mile measures the physical condition of teams over the course of a mile while enjoying refreshments. The afterparty takes place at Rantasauna, offering participants a chance to relax in the sauna and hot tub. More information and ticket sales on starts at 12:00 on 10 Apr.

WHAT? Wappu Mile + Senior Wappu Sauna
WHERE? Start at Startup Sauna, afterparty at Rantsu
WHEN? Wed 24 Apr
PRICE? Mile €15, sauna FREE!

25 Apr

ARTS Wappu Terrace (NuDe, TOKYO, GRRR, Kooma, DADA, AK)

It’s time to enjoy the sun, outdoor games, music, food, drinks, and good company!

Welcome to celebrate Vappu in a relaxed spring atmosphere at Arts Wappu Terrace!

What: ARTS Wappu Terrace
Where: Amphitheater terrace
When: 25.4. at 16-20

Kymppisuora (Kymppi)


WHAT: Kymppisuora 2024
WHERE: The route of tram number 10
WHEN: Thursday 25.4.2024
START: Tilkanniitty, Korppaanmäentie 15, Helsinki.
PRICE: 12,50€
AFTERPARTY: Apollo Live Club

TG info channel:

26 Apr

Road to Wappu (KY-Sub)

It’s a long road to Wappu, so why not enjoy the heck out of the ride? Join KY-Sub’s Road to Wappu rave, where we’ll celebrate spring with our DJ’s sick house, techno, and other beats at the wildest party of the week. Plus, don’t miss your chance to steam up the streets in our sauna. That said, it wouldn’t be Wappu if we didn’t go all out, so of course there’s even more! Come early to cash in your ticket for a secret trip you won’t want to miss.

Keep an eye on this page and the KY-Sub Instagram (@ky_sub) for updates regarding sponsors and what to expect as you cruise down the Road to Wappu. Buckle up, because it’ll be a wild ride!

WHAT: KY-Sub’s Road to Wappu Rave
WHERE: BMK, Betonimiehenkuja 3
WHEN: April 26th, 2024 @ 19:00
WHO: Primarily Aalto BIZ, but all Aalto students welcome
DRESSCODE: Overalls + Rave fit (+ sauna)
PRICE: 8€ (Sale starts April 4th @ 14:00)

You’ll find all the events from KY’s Wappu website:

Nail game tournament (Kasperin kisat)

Nail game tournament returns bigger than ever before! Now you can finally find out who is the best nailer in your circle of friends and earn your place among the legends.

WHAT? Nail game
WHERE? OK20 downstairs
WHEN? 26.04.2024 at 5 PM ->
HOW MUCH? €10 per team (2 people)
Sign up here:

27 Apr

Vallujahti (Campus Section)

The thirst of Otaniemi will be ended by Campus Section, because the legendary Vallujahti is here again! Come and search for the sweet and bitter Wappu drinks in a unique scavenger hunt. The hints will be published in Kampusjaosto instagram on the 27th!

Nippoli Pre-Wappu Sauna (Nippoli ry)

Interested in Japanese language and culture, or going on an exchange to Japan? Then head over to Nippoli’s second sauna evening of this spring for a relaxing wind-down of the semester!

Gorsu (Jämeräntaival 5 A)
Saturday, April 27th, from 17:00
Entry Fee: 10€ (or 9€ with early payment)

Limited availability! Sign up here:
More info at:

Sparkling Night (Baccus)

The biggest and most awaited wine event by Baccus is here once again!

What better way to kick off Wappu than a champagne tasting? Whether you’re a wine expert or a beginner, we welcome you to enjoy a night full of delicious champagne.

Link to ticket sale:

WHAT: Sparkling Night
WHERE: Saha (Konemiehentie 3, Espoo)
WHEN: 27.4.2024, 7pm
PRICE: 40€

28 Apr

Minuuttikalja (Tero Poikamies)

The eternity-long wait is over… The legendary mood lifter of Wappu spirit, the Minute Beer, is here again!

Sign-ups open on Friday 19 Apr at 12:34:56 – be fast, tickets are usually sold out in seconds. Will we make a new record again this year?

What: Minute Beer
Where: Smökki
When: Sunday 28 Apr from 17.10 onwards
Price: €5 (+ overall badge €2)
More information and sign-ups at

29 Apr

AYY Wappu Reception (AYY Board)

On the day before Wappu Eve, the Wappu atmosphere in Otaniemi reaches its peak. Just before the greatest highlight of student culture, the doors of AYY central office open to all members embracing the Wappu spirit! Welcome to greet the AYY Board and employees at the central office!

What: AYY Wappu Reception
Where: Central office, Otakaari 25
When: 29 Apr, 12.00–18.00
Why: Open house and free beverages
DC: Overalls/jackets

Wappu Beer Mile (Teekkarisuunnistajat)

Teekkarisuunnistajat organizes Wappu Beer mile on Saturday 29.4. at 19:00 in Otaniemi running track! Every competitor who completes the race succesfully will receive a unique beer mile cap!
Each runner acquires their own drinks. If you drink other sparkling drinks, it is possible to participate in the lemonade class.
There is no advance registration for the event.
WHEN: 29.4. 7:00 pm
WHERE: Otaniemi running track
COST: Nothing! (except your own drinks)

Tour de Walpuri (Teekkari Section, TKTMK)

Tour de Walpuri arrives to shock, inspire, and unite the whole Otaniemi community and all Aalto-minded people on 29 April. So reserve your night for an incredible adventure on 29 Apr, which will take you to the heart of Wappu!

The tour kicks off from Alvarin Aukio Square at 20.00 and there are checkpoints around Teekkari Village until midnight, after which you can continue your night at the afterparty hosted by Pelmu!

Wappu Festival (PELMU)

Afterparty for Tour de Walpuri, in Smökki starting at 9pm. Music from different genres, good feeling ohh yeaahh!

30 Apr

Beer Relay (Guild of Materials and Metallurgy)

Wappu is coming and so is the legendary beer relay of the Guild of Materials and Metallurgy students!

The time has come again to gather the thirstiest ones of Otaniemi to run around the department of materials science and engineering on the morning of April 30th. The starting signal will be given at 9:00 sharp.

A team consists of three runners and one anchor to make four people in total. The cost for participating is 15 euros a team, including the beer.

The relay will be run in the open and women’s series. The race has spots for the first 34 teams to sign up.
The sign up opens at 14:00 on 17.4.2024 in and closes on 24.4.2024 at 23.59.
NB! One member will sign-up for the whole team!

The rules of the beer relay for first-timers:
When the start signal has been given, the anchor begins drinking their first beer. When the anchor has finished drinking their bottle, the first runner starts running. There is a drinking checkpoint halfway through, wherein the runner is to drink one bottle of beer, supervised by an official judge. After the runner has finished his/her beer, the runner continues to the exchange point, where the anchor starts again. The laps are repeated until the anchor has finished their last beer (and challenged their liver). The team may be disqualified by the judge if they commit infractions, which ends their race immediately.

May the thirstiest team win!

Wappu toast, online event (Aalto University)

Let’s celebrate Wappu together!
Wappu toast will be given by President Ilkka Niemelä and Fanni Mattsson, Chair of the Board of the Aalto University Student Union.

Waputin 100 years -exhibition (Museum of Student Life)

The spring of 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the first Waputin: the traditional May Day concert and dances of our own Polyteknikkojen Orkesteri (the Polytech Orchestra). The Museum of Student Life is proud to host a visiting exhibition about the traditions of both the orchestra and the concert!

The exhibition was curated by Teemu Mäntylä (cello; PO historian and secretary) and Anna Kuusela (clarinet)

Open doors in JMT3A on 30.4. 11-13 o’clock, on Sundays 14-16 o’clock, or via booking

Declaration of Wappu Rowdiness (Campus Section)

Once again, the time has come to raise the teekkari & graduation caps and celebrate the most special Spring festivity – Wappu! Tuning into May Day Eve’s festive atmosphere is guaranteed by arriving in front of Smökki at 12 noon to follow the traditional Declaration of May Day Madness. The program includes everything from music performances and award ceremonies to speeches, and the joyous afternoon is of course topped off by the declaration of the May Day Madness itself, which is taking place at Smökki at 2 p.m.

WHAT? Declaration of May Day Madness
WHERE? Smökki (Jämeräntaival 4)
WHEN? Tuesday, 30th of April at 12 noon
FOR WHOM? For all those rowdy with Wappu
PRICE? Free!

Wappu Bath (Chemistry Guild)

Traditional event where you can take a bath in a container and enjoy a tent sauna near Smökki after 12 noon

World’s Most Biggest Champagne Shower (wöbiss) (IK)

World’s biggesr champagne shower at IK’s guildroom’s backyard. Bring your own bottle.

Crowning of Manta statue (University of the Arts Student Union)

University of the Arts Student Union TaiYo organises the crowning of Havis Amanda statue at Kansalaistori Square on 30 Apr 2024. For further information, head to Instagram @mantanlakitus.

Post-Manta Party (KYllä Oluelle x Bryggeri)

The Wappu Parade is over, your luke-warm pussikaljas are gone and Manta’s stepsibling already got their cap. Now what?

Keep your Wappu spirits high with KYllä Oluelle and Bryggeri’s Post-Manta Party! This free-entrance celebration takes place in Bryggeri’s huge spring terrace and is all about laid-back vibes, quality beer and good tunes!
More info can be found on Facebook.

Wiinaton Wappu (Guild of the Cross)

Welcome to Wiinaton Wappu, a non-alcoholic wappu party, on the 30th of April at Smökki. There will be entertaining activities and wappu atmosphere without forgetting the traditional wappu foods and drinks. Come celebrate teekkariwappu in good company.

The event is free and organized by the Guild of the Cross. While the primary language of the event is Finnish, all integral content and instructions are also provided in English.

For more information:

KY Wappukuntis 2024 feat. Benjamin (KY – Aalto University Business Students)

After over a week of lively and champagne-filled Wappu celebrations, it’s time to make your way to Kaivohuone and join in the festive spirit at KY Wappu’s most iconic event, WAPPUKUNTIS! The main artist of the evening, Benjamin, will ensure the Wappu atmosphere remains upbeat throughout the whole night!

𝙒𝙃𝘼𝙏: KY’s traditional Wappukuntis
𝙒𝙃𝙀𝙍𝙀: Kaivohuone, Iso Puistotie 1
𝙒𝙃𝙀𝙉: 30th of April at 21-04
𝙁𝙊𝙍: Everyone!
𝙋𝙍𝙄𝘾𝙀: 20 euros, including the coat check fee and an overall badge
𝙏𝙄𝘾𝙆𝙀𝙏𝙎: April 5th at 13 on
𝘿𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙎 𝘾𝙊𝘿𝙀: Overalls and graduation cap
Read more: Facebook
Check out all the other KY Wappu events from KY’s Wappu website:

Dipolin Wappu (Teekkari Section, JTMK)

Wappu is approaching fast and once again, Dipoli will be filled with those of us who celebrate on April 30th! If you want to be the first to hear about Dipolin Wappu ticket sales and artists, be sure to follow @ dipolinwappu on Telegram.

More information coming soon, so stay tuned!

1 May

Ullanlinnanmäki picnic

Ullanlinnanmäki at Kaivopuisto Park will be filled with happy picnic-goers as current and former students in the metropolitan area gather to celebrate Wappu Day in the traditional way.

The festivities begin in the morning with speeches of student unions and choral singing, which are also broadcasted live on television.