AYY Wappu 2022

Wappu 2019. Photo: Atte Mäkinen.

The most joyful and wildest time of the year

Wappu is coming! After two different years, we are able to physically celebrate Wappu together in the traditional sense!

Wappu is a unique and traditional time in the Aalto community and it’s filled with events. Read about the events on this website.

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6.4.-1.5. Wappumieli fundraiser

The Fresher Committee and the Internationality Committee in cooperation with MIELI Mental Health Finland organise a Wappumieli fundraiser to help pay attention to the mental health of students and the young during the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic and the world situation affected by the war. Wappumieli fundraiser collects funds for the development and maintenance of Sekasin chat of MIELI (Sekasin247.fi). The chat is intended for people aged 12–29, where you can get easily accessible help on the chat and hear about other ways to improve your own mental health. At the moment, the chat is getting more contacts than they have the resources to respond. Join the important fundraiser and spread the Wappu vibes at the same time! Read more and donate: www.wappu.fi/mieli

16.4. Sitsi Competition

The sun is shining and the traditional Sitsi competition is coming again in the run-up to Wappu to delight the people of Otaniemi! So gather your crew, come up with a fun theme, pack your catering and your chairs and tables and come to Alvar Square on Saturday 16.4. from 13:00!
More information and registration link here.
What: Sitsi competition 2021!
Where: Alvarin aukio
When: 16.4. at 13.00 ->, Afterparty OK20 at 18->
Costs: Nothing!

19.4. Kymppisuora

KY’s aviation club KY-mppi hosts the annual pub crawl KYmppisuora to fulfill your travel dreams. The flight follows the route of tram number 10 from Pikku Huopalahti to the center of Helsinki. Along the way, there will be bars with affordable discount deals for students and other fun activities, including an after-party at Apollo Live Club! For more info, check out our Facebook event.

20.4. AK x PT Wappuspåra

AK x PT Wappuspåra! Hop on to the tram and speed to the Wappu spirit, accompanied by an awesome atmosphere, an entertaining program and new friends! Members of other guilds are also welcome. More information and registration here.

21.4. Jäynä Finale

Enjoying all of these April Fools’ Day jokes? Well get ready because the mother of all pranks, shenanigans, tricks and gags, THE JÄYNÄ FINALE is coming, ready to finish this Jäynä season with a bang! In the spring’s most epic show there is going to be awesome sketches, performances, videos, and of course the great finalists of the Jäynä competition. It’s going to be a show that you definitively don’t want to miss!

21.4. Julkun Juhlallinen Julkaisu

On Thursday, 21st of April, the Julkku will be ceremonially released! The A-Hall will be filled with a bubbly atmosphere, Julkku sellers, and an entertaining show. Laughs will be guaranteed! This absolutely brilliant event will begin somewhat, if not precisely, at 6 pm with a cocktail party that is only for Julkku sellers. Other than Julkku sellers, the doors will be open at 7 pm.

21.4. Aalto Open Air

Aalto Open Air is finally ready to rock in Alvarin Aukio after a two year break! This music festival starts the Otaniemi Wappu celebrations with a style. In addition to music, there are various activities to choose from, for example beerpong tournament, several saunas and a ravebox. The festival wraps up with a concert by Jukka Poika, the king Finnish reggae music at 9 pm. After the concert it is time to take a course towards Smökki, where an afterparty is hosted by Kiltojen Ystävyysseura. The BP tournament is organized by Aalto Beer Pong. More info about the practicalities of the tournament will follow soon.The event is sponsored by TEK. Read more here.

22.4. ARTS <3 Bubbly Wappu

ARTS joins for this spring’s soap bubble themed Wappu party! Get a head start for Wappu week on Friday 22.4 at Otaniemi Smökki, starting at 18:00 pm. There will be a live band, DJ and a chill program, along with snacks and drinks on offer and, of course, lots of soap bubbles! So put on your most light colored clothes and join us for the most wonderful party for Wappu! Tickets on sale at Kide.app now.
Entrance ticket: 10€
Event patch: 2€
More information:
Fb-event & Official tg-channel

23.4. Color Carnival

Teekkarius 150 will fill the air with Color Carnival on April 23rd! The main event is a color obstacle run, where teams compete surrounded by colored powder. Assemble a team of 2-8 people to compete! There will be all sorts of colorful activities around the area, where anyone is welcome free of charge! The Carnival is centered in Alvarin aukio with festivities and a Wappu-filled atmosphere. The best team will be awarded with spectacular prizes! Follow @teekkarius150 on social media to get updates!

23.4. Sparkling Night

The biggest and shiniest wine event by Baccus is finally here! After a two-year break, it is again time to gather your friends and head to Saha to spend the night in the classiest vappu event of the year. Is there any better way to kick-start the true vappu spirit than enjoying champagne in great company. Everyone from old wine experts to beginners are welcome to join. Therefore Sparkling Night is an event nobody should miss!

23.4. Minute Beer

The legendary Minute Beer is here again! Rea More from here https://www.minuuttikalja.fi/

25.4. at 12-16 Sima Brewing Competition

What is sima, you may ask? It’s a Finnish fermented low level alcoholic drink and soft drink consumed during Wappu season. Bring your own ingredients (sugar, lemons, yeast and raisins) & container and TOKYO will teach you how to make the best sima!
Join on 25 of April from 12:00 to 16:00 at TOKYO terrace, which is located at Otakaari 1 Y137-143.

26.4. Beer Croquet

Beer Croquet 2022 is here! As usual, all Athenians and Athene-minded people who enjoy croquet and good company are welcome to join the game. Read more here.

26.4. at 19-23 TOKYO Terrace Official Opening

The time has arrived! TOKYO is officially opening it’s terrace on 26 of April at 19:00. Besides chilling, enjoying the sun and a good company, there will be some activities for you to engage in! Participating in quizes, hula hooping while drawing and composing music within 5 seconds. TOKYO terrace is located at Otakaari 1 Y137-143.

26.4. Singing Sauna

Do you yearn to sing during Wappu? Can you feel the awakening of Wappu’s spirit? Does it feel like Wappu-sitsis didn’t satisfy the need to sing? If you answered yes to any of the questions up above, The Songleader Committee is here to offer salvation. Join us in the Wappu-spirit-lifting Singing Sauna in Rantasauna on 26th of April at 6 pm. More information here.

28.4. Wappu Exchange

It’s time to party, when the bus full of Otaniemi students goes to Hervanta on 28.4. to check Tampere wappu happenings. The day is full of priceless moments you don’t want to miss! The bus leaves from Otaniemi at 9am and returns home around 4am. Only 60 fastest will get their places on the bus, so act fast!Ticket price is 30€ including tansports and the after party. Tickets will be available on Kide.app on Thursday 14.4. at 12pm. Event is organized in cooperation with Teekkari Union of Tampere!

28.4. at 20-23 Dog Park

After the screening of Amores Perros, join the movie’s discussion at the TOKYO terrace (located at Otakaari 1 Y137-143) among other movie enthusiasts. The only requirement for this event is to either dress as a dog or bring a dog!

29.4. at 15-19 Sima Tasting

Bring your homemade sima to the TOKYO terrace (located Otakaari 1 Y137-143). We will have a taste of all of them and the panel of judges will choose the winning one!

29.4. Fuksispeksis

The Fuksispeksis of the 2022 Fuksipeijaiset are here!
In the Fuksispeksis the teams of Fuksipeijaiset perform spectacles that they have created themselves as a part of the 2022 Fuksipeijaiset. Fuksispeksis are each more inventive performances than the others which the freshmen have prepared not for only their own, but for the whole community’s joy and glee. Come with your friends and enjoy the ingenious performances of the young and bold! Remember to keep your spirits high but don’t take them with you in a bottle – bringing your own alcoholic beverages to the University’s premises is strictly forbidden. The Fuksispeksis are held in Dipoli in the Kaleva Hall on Friday 29th of April at 4:00 PM. The doors of Kaleva Hall will be open for audience at 3:30 PM. Let laughter and shouts of Omstart! echo in the hallways of Dipoli. Let there be cheer and goodwill from the crowd towards all performers. For the half-time show, we have an unbelievable show by Teekkarispeksi! Arrive to Dipoli and bring with you your excellent sense of humour, a couple of well timed Omstart! shouts and a large portion of freshman mindness and prepare to enjoy the product of the minds, creativity and hard work of the freshmen. After the fuksispeksis the beginning of Yöjäynä takes place in Alvar’s square at 20:00 sending each team to their nocturnal adventure. Please notice that the event is mainly in Finnish. Read more here.

29.4. Road to Wappu

KY’s International subcommittee KY-SUB is organizing a carnival themed checkpoint crawl and an after party with snacks, fun activities and a DJ. All Aalto students are welcome and the event will be held in English. The checkpoint crawl is divided into time slots and will be open from 15:00-20:00. The party will start straight after at 20:00. You can buy tickets to the whole event or just the party! More info can be found on our facebook event page.

29.4. Tour de Walpuri

Tour de Walpuri arrives once again in all its true glory to shock, inspire and unite the whole Otaniemi nation and all Aalto-minded people. This evening, the entire Teekkari Village will be taken over by the checkpoint tour without comparison.

29.4. Wappu Festival

The traditional Wappufestival will be held on Friday, April 29th. from 9:00pm to 02:30am in Smökki! The event is the official afterparty for the Tour de Walpuri and it’s open and free for everyone. The entertainment is brought to you by PELMU and AaltoDJ, who ensure the feel is nothing but the best. So get your friends, and enjoy Wappu at the most off-the-hook party of the evening! Check it out here.

30.4. Declaration of Wappu Rowdiness

Once again, the time has come to raise the teekkari & graduation caps and celebrate the most special Spring festivity! Tuning into May Day Eve’s festive atmosphere is guaranteed by arriving in front of Smökki at 12 PM to follow the traditional Declaration of Wappu Rowdiness. There will be music performances, awards, speeches, and the magnificent highlight of the day, the declaration, which will take place at 2 PM on the roof of Smökki! Read more here.

30.4. Wapun Waahtokylpy

Welcome to take a bath in famous “Wapun Waahtokylpy” Wappus Bubblebath in the yard of Smökki paired with a famous “tent-sauna”. Great opportunity to listen to the Wappuriehan julistus while enjoying yourself a bubblebath with friends. Free of charge.

30.4. Wappu Terrace

NESU-KY’s legendary Wappu-terrace is back! Held in Otaniemi for the first time, the terrace includes amazing live performances and other activities by various organizers, as well as some food and drinks. This event is free and open to everyone, and you get access to the catering by buying the event overall badge. Should you want the best possible start for your May Day eve, make sure to head towards the Wappu-terrace! Read more here.

30.4. Wappubus

Wappubus returns to traffic! We guarantee that this is wappu’s wildest, most mobile and by far the most mysterious party. The route of Wappubus is a surprise, but what’s certain is that it’s not a normal bus ride – and you certainly won’t be staying put on your seat.
WHAT: Wappubussi 2022
WHERE: Departure from Otaniemi from the aBlanc parking lot, return to Otaniemi
WHEN: 30 April from 14 to 20
TICKETS: Registration on Tuesday 19 April from 10 to 14 at https://wappubussi.fi/
PRICE: 35€

30.4. KY’s Wappu Parade

The Wappu Parade is something every kylteri needs to experience, and one of our greatest Wappu traditions. The Parade will lead us all the way to the Market Square to watch Havis Amanda get its graduation cap.

30.4. Wappukuntis

After a long and champagne-filled week of festivities it is time to head out to Kaivohuone to celebrate every student’s Christmas at KY Wappu’s crown jewel, legendary and traditional WAPPUKUNTIS! Kaivohuone will be full of Wappu spirit guaranteed by Karri Koira’s energetic show as well as dashing Wappu activities!

30.4. Wiinaton Wappu

On Eve of the first of May, at Smökki, there is going to be Wiinaton Wappu, a non-alcoholic wappu party. There will be entertaining wappu activities, like contests, quizzes, wappu atmosphere without forgetting the traditional wappu foods. Live music is also present, when SRO Musalinja, a four-band ensemble from Kauniainen, will climb on stage. Therefore, you are very welcome to join and celebrate teekkariwappu in good company! The event is organized by the Guild of the Cross.

30.4. Dipoli’s Wappu

Wappu has been declared and so will Dipolis’ Wappu as well! Wappu celebrations come to their climax as Dipolin Wappu gathers all of Otaniemi together to press their caps on their heads on the 30th of April. This is a party you don’t want to miss! Stay tuned, there’s more to come! Join Dipolis’ Wappu telegram channel. Follow on Instagram: @dipolinwappu

1.5. KY’s Wappu at Ullis

After many eventful days of celebration, the happiness culminates when the traditional May Day at Ullis gathers up all students and Wappu people to Ullanlinnanmäki in Helsinki. As usual, KY’s colors are represented at Ullis. All three subcommittees will be there and also be tents from KY and Probba. The tents will be there from early morning onwards and some foods and drinks will be served.

7.5. Kylän Talkoot

Let’s clean up the village after the Wappu events. There is a snack and refreshment for helpers, as well as a sauna and lots for refreshments after work.